Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Meringues

Strawberries, nutty meringue and chocolate. Hello.
Due to my week of cakes with accompanying custards, I had a few more egg whites to use up. A friend who I hadn't seen for ages was coming over for dinner and I only had a snippet of time to get things ready after work - so, meringue it was! I always have a few things in the cupboard; some baking essentials, dark chocolate and some form of nut. The only sensible conclusion was a crisp, chewy on the inside nutella inspired chocolate hazelnutty tastiness. 
I always measure in imperial for a meringue - 2oz of sugar for each white

3 egg whites
6 oz caster sugar
a tablespoon of cornflour
tsp white wine vinegar
50 g dark chocolate, chopped
a good handful of hazelnuts, chopped (I dry roasted mine in a pan for a bit first as they weren't roasted). 

-Heat the oven to gas 1/2 /- 100C. Have ready 2 baking sheets lined with greaseproof.
- using an electric whisk, whisk the whites until they form soft peaks
-Add half of the sugar and whisk on high- it will go super shiny and smooth.
- Add the rest of the sugar along with the cornflour and vinegar. Continue whisking for a minute or so until very stiff and shiny. Super luxurious marshmallowy deliciousness.
- Gently fold in the nuts and chocolate with a large metal spoon. 
- distribute in to pillowy piles on the sheets and bake for around an hour.

I served mine with a few tiny strawberries and a whisper of cream.


  1. Hello! I mentioned these on my blog today, as I was thinking about different things I could bake and give as Christmas presents and these sounded pretty good! Hope you don't mind! :)

    1. Not at all! maybe I should make some more giftable treats x